The Perfect Snow - Blanket with Decorative Snow

Always the right snow landscape - outdoors or indoors

What would a winter landscape be without the perfect snow cover? There are different types of snow mantle that all look different. Our decorative snow helps make any variety of snow cover to create the right winter landscape, indoors and outdoors.

Create a winter mood easily with decorative snow - no matter what the temperature

Absolutely irrespective of the temperature, transform small or larger surfaces into beautiful, dreamlike landscapes with our artificial snow. You can vary your use of our different types of snow individually and according to your own requirements! Choose any type from coarse flakes to fine, glittering powdered snow!

How to create the right snow cover from decorative snow in no time

All you need is our antistatic “Display Snow medium“ for indoors and our fine-flaked “Movie Snow HSX“ made of pure cellulose for outdoors. Depending on the look you wish to create, you can also use our “Display Snow fine“ and “Glitter Snow“ indoors.

Outdoor snow cover

  • Open the “Movie Snow HSX“ packet
  • sprinkle the decorative snow to cover the surface to the desired depth
  • The decorative snow can simply be rinsed away with water after use

Indoor snow cover

Should you desire a finer and glittering surface

How to create the right snow cover from decorative snow

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