Snowball fight for children with fake snow

Realistic decorative snowballs for a snowball fight

The parents want to shop in peace, but the children are bored? Are you planning a celebration and there is still an attraction missing for the younger guests? With decorative snow and snowballs made of cotton, a snowball fight in an indoor area is an absolute highlight. The artificial snowballs and the decorative snow look incredibly realistic, are soft and, above all, are not cold or wet ;-)

Artificial snowballs + decorative snow = fun for young and old

Not only the little ones have fun here, even the grown-ups can enjoy a snowball fight with our artificial snow and the snowballs made of cotton without having to freeze or wait for real snow. A huge pleasure that is completely non weather and temperature dependent.

That's how it works :

All you need is our decorative snow "Display Snow - medium", our "decorative snowballs (cotton)" and you can also rent our snowman "Mr. Frosty".
Ideally, you are able to build an enclosed area, e.g. with a fence or similar and cover the ground area with a white carpet. Then you continue by following these instructions

  • Tip out as many boxes of Display Snow - medium until the desired depth of snow is reached (60 L is sufficient for a snow depth of approx. 15 mm for approx. 5 m²)
  • Throw as many fake snowballs as you need onto the snow surface
  • And the snowball fight can start!

As a beautiful, decorative addition to achieve an even more wintry look, we have our Mr. Frosty and snow-covered Christmas trees look especially good! Read more here…

Have fun

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