Realistic winter effects with artificial ice - Q & A

Frequently asked questions about our artificial ice

In our latest blog article, we want to answer your frequently asked questions about artificial ice and winter effects.

Can I make ice crystals on transparent surfaces (glass or acrylic) myself?

Yes, with our ice crystal spray and our ice crystal liquid, this is easily doable. It should be noted here that the ice crystal liquid can be used on glass and acrylic surfaces, but the ice crystal spray can only be used on glass surfaces. => Blog article "Artificial Ice Crystals".

Both create impressively realistic ice crystals. With the ice crystal liquid, you can work slightly more precisely. When using ice crystal spray odour development can occur, this product should only be used with the window open.

No proper crystals form, why is this?

Firstly, it is important that the surface is cleaned with only clean water. The ice crystal mixture and the ice flower spray should be at room temperature and then a little patience is also required ;-), the formation of ice crystals may take up to 20 minutes.

How can I remove the ice flower spray / ice crystal mixture from my glass or acrylic surface?

This is done quite easily with warm water and a little washing up liquid.

What can I use if I want to have a frostier effect?

We recommend using our Frost Effect Spray. This achieves an incredibly realistic frosty look. => Blog article "Frost and Hoar Frost".

What are the artificial ice cubes made of?

Our artificial ice cubes are made of plastic or crushed glass. =>Blog article "Artificial ice cubes".

What coverage is achieved and what volume do the ice cubes have?

The coverage for the individual decorative ice cubes can be found under the respective article in the description. It is also here that you will find the appropriate volumes of artificial ice cube products.

What is the advantage of artificial ice cubes in comparison to real ice cubes?

The advantage of our decorative ice cubes is that they do not melt. For example, they are ideal for photo shoots, product presentations and decoration purposes, such as the use in refrigerated counters in the catering and food industries.

Do your ice cubes float?

Yes, we have floating ice cubes and also floating ice cubes can be made from our ice gel.. =>Blog article "Ice Gel".

What can I do with Ice Gel?

Our ice gel offers many different possibilities. For example, you can easily set objects in an ice block, cover objects with a layer of ice, or make ice cubes of the desired size.

How do I make a large block out of several smaller pieces of ice gel?

Just put the small pieces of ice gel in a water bath (bain-marie) and melt. Then pour the contents into a suitable mould and allow to cool. It’s that simple, a large block of ice has been created from several small ice gel pieces.

Is it possible to simulate frozen puddles or ice floes?

Yes, that's no problem with our ice wax. This is incredibly realistic in appearance and sound and is ideal for creating artificial ice surfaces. => Blog article "Ice wax".

Can larger products such as car tyres to be set in an ice block?

That is also no problem. We like to develop and manufacture individual and tailor-made products. The possibilities are endless, no restrictions on creativity here! => Winter Worlds 

How To- Ice-Gel

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