Realistic winter effects made with artificial snow - Q & A

Frequently asked questions about our artificial snow 

In our latest blog article, we would like to answer your frequently asked questions about the  topic of artificial snow.

What is your snow made of?

Our types of snow are made of different materials, such as plastic, cellulose, corn starch and dry foam.

What snow is best for an event or a photo shoot outdoors?

It is best to use one of our paper snow varieties, such as the Movie Snow or our Snowbase product. These are made of cellulose and would eventaually also decompose (the snowed area needs to be cleaned, of course ;-)).
Furthermore, this cellulose snow is applied in combination with water and thus has better outdoor adhesion than our plastic snow.

Tip: For larger surfaces, we recommend our Snow Blanket 200 as a base layer. This has the effect on the one hand that the surface is already white and on the other hand it simplifies the removal of the paper snow.
For effects in forest like situations, we also offer our Frost Powder, which consists of very fine paper dust. => "The Perfect Snow - Blanket with Decorative Snow"

What snow can I use inside?

For indoor use, we recommend our plastic snow varieties. Here, for example, we have our fake snow - B1 "Display Snow", our artificial snow "Snow Fall" and as a glitter - finish our snow glitter "Glitter Snow" and our ice sparkle as the final layer.

Tip: As interior underlay our snow blanket is suitable, this creates beside a white background additionally a certain snow depth. To prevent slipping, the snow blanket should only be used in decorative corners and not on walk ways. => "The Perfect Snow - Blanket with Decorative Snow"

What snow has the B1 fire classification (flame retardant)?

This criterion is met by our decorative snow - B1 "Display Snow" and also our snow blanket - B1.

Can cars be snowed?

Yes, in combination with water, we can easily cover cars with our paper snow.

Can I do a snowball fight with the snow?

Yes, there are different possibilities here. Using our paper snow "Movie Snow" in combination with water can be, for example, excellent snowballs can be made. Our decorative Snow "Display Snow" supplemented with our cotton wool snowballs, is ideal for a snowball fight indoors. => "Snowball fight" & "Artificial Snowballs"

How do I best simulate a snowdrift?

For this one uses best "chicken wire". Form this into the desired shapes, lay snow blanket  over it and sprinkle it with snow. For smaller mounds our super soft snow blanket is suitable. Simply form the desired mound and sprinkle it with snow.

With which snow can I snow a fir-tree?

For a Christmas tree in the interior our decorative snow "Display Snow" is especially very nice in combination with a snow sparkle "Glitter Snow". For outdoor fir trees, it is best to use one of our types of cellulose products.=> "Decorative Christmas Tree"

How do I best simulate slush?

Our “Magic Snow“ - the allrounder of decorative snow varieties makes deceptively realistic effects possible from dreamlike white powdered snow to dirty-looking slush. => "Magic Snow - from New Snow to Old Snow"

Do you have eco-friendly snow?

Yes, we have cellulose snow varieties, as well as our corn starch - snow "Organic Snow".

How much snow do I need for 10sqm?

This depends on the type of snow and the desired snow depth. You will find the coverage for all types of snow under the tab "Description".

What snow is suitable as dressing snow?

For indoor use, use our decorative snow “display snow” and, for outdoor use, use our "Movie Snow" and "Snow Base" cellulose snow products.

What kind of snow can I use for falling snow?

For indoor snowfall, our "Snow Fall" and the coarse grain size of "Display Snow" are best suited for falling snow. Outside, our dry foam fluid "Snow Fluid" simulates beautiful snowfall. From romantic snowfall to a snowstorm everything is possible.

Do you only have white snow?

No, we also have coloured snow. For ash and soot effects or for Halloween, our grey and black snow types are extremely suitable. But also colours such as red or green are not a problem to produce.

Do all types of snow have to be disposed of?

Yes, all types of snow must be disposed of. The best way is to sweep the snow together. All types of snow can be disposed of as normal residual waste.

Do you have any more questions? We are happy to help!


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