Morning dew - deceptively real looking dew effects

Dew Effects – an incredibly realistic effect for photo shoots

Small water droplets exactly where you want them and without evaporating? Ideal for photo shoots, product presentations and commercials. Let us show you how it works!

Morning dew - the natural freshness

A photo shoot or a product presentation for food or drinks is just around the corner and you’re wondering how you can conjure up a pearl effect? Our dew effect spray is very easy to use and can be used very precisely. The dew - effect spray is largely resistant to evaporation and so your photo shoot can take place without time pressures. Even with a product presentation, the droplets will not evaporate quickly.

How to conjure the artificial dew effect

All you need is our "Dew Effect Spray".

• Clean the surface which is to be decorated with lukewarm water and if necessary detergent
• Spray your object
Tips for "runners": simply spray firmer or several times in succession
Tips for "large droplets": Apply with a syringe with cannula
Tips for "accuracy": Apply with a syringe with cannula
• The dew effect can be easily removed with water and detergent
• There is no odour!

Suitable for smooth surfaces made of glass or acrylic, panes, glasses and bottles but also plants, vegetables or fruits.

How to create the artificial dew effect

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