Magic Snow – from New Snow to Old Snow

The magic snow – a decorative snow for any situation

“Hocus pocus – dreamlike white becomes grey and slushy!“ No problem with our magic snow. Whether finest powdered snow, old snow or slush - this decorative snow fulfills every wish!

A product for decorative snow effects which couldn’t be more different!

“Magic Snow“ - the allrounder of decorative snow varieties makes deceptively realistic effects possible from dreamlike white powdered snow to dirty-looking slush and the only cause of this effect is water! So it is all very easy to conjure up - even without magic words ;-) !

How to conjure up powdered snow or slush from decorative snow in no time

You only need our artificial snow – powder made of polymer - the “Magic Snow”, some tapwater and a bucket or bowl.

Powdered snow

  • Put 50g of Magic Snow into the bucket
  • add 2 litres of water
  • The powder absorbs the water and swells
  • Mix by hand.
  • The decorative snow will continue to swell, a fine, powdered snow forms

Slush/Old snow

  • Add a further 2 litres of water
  • mix the contents of the bucket again
  • The decorative snow will continue to swell to form slush
  • The more water you add, the slushier the snow becomes

Please note!:This decorative snow is very slippery! Not to be disposed of in the drain!

How to conjure up powdered snow or slush from decorative snow

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