Icicles - essential for the perfect winter decoration

Deceptively genuine ice effects - so simple and fascinating at the same time

A unique icicle is gradually formed from small freezing water droplets. At first sight, this simple natural phenomenon is transformed into an individual ice formation by the wind and flow speed of the water droplets. Artificial icicles are similar to real ones in their crystalline and sparkling ice look, but they do have the advantage of not melting. They offer the opportunity to enjoy these beauties of winter at any time.

From simple water drops to unique icicles

The artificial icicles made from acrylic offer individual possibilities for your winter decoration with their different sizes, small (icicles between 5 and 15 cm long), medium (icicles between 12 and 33 cm long) and large (icicles between 19 and 40 cm long). They are the perfect addition to the Christmas creation of a winter wonderland and a "must-have" for every kind of winter decoration and winter landscape. Yet simple and straight-forward, these artificial icicles add more to the ice cold feeling.

How to create an individual winter decoration with our artificial icicle sets in a very short time:

You only need our plastic icicles, a small hand saw or an angle grinder, a hot glue gun and / or a drill as well as some nylon thread.

From a set of icicles to individual icicles:

  • Use the hand saw or the angle grinder to cut off any quantity of icicles

Application with hot glue (single or several icicles):

  • Apply hot glue to the upper smooth surface of the icicles and press on the desired surface, press firmly until the glue has set

Attaching only with nylon thread (two icicles together):

  • In the case of two icicles, simply form a loop in the middle of the two icicles with a nylon thread and hang them up with the thread

Drilling with hole and nylon thread (single icicles):

  • Saw off the upper "edge" of the icicles
  • Use a small drill to drill a hole through the icicle and hang it with a nylon thread

And that's how it works

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