Ice wax - frosty cold ice effects in no time

Deceptively real looking ice effects - incredibly realistic not only visually but also in terms of sound

Use ice wax to simulate authentic looking ice surfaces

You want to have it really cold looking for your event or your film or photo production? Ice puddles, ice floes and frost effects provide an even more realistic winter illusion and are no problem with our ice wax! After hardening, the transparent wax creates a deceptively realistic look. Not only visually convincing, but also acoustically! When the artificial ice surfaces are trodden on, for example, an authentic crackling and crunching sound can be heard.

Artificial ice for every occasion and at any temperature

Our ice wax is useable indoors and outdoors. You can use the ice effects and ice surfaces as a decoration for your party and amaze everyone. Your products can be easily presented using our ice wax - a product presentation for every event is an eye-catcher! On stage, in shop windows and for model building or for a great film and photo shoot our ice wax can provide the necessary style.

What is ice wax exactly and how do I use it?

Our ice-wax is a hard, initially slightly milky wax. After heating, it becomes transparent and runny. It has a high melting point but can easily be melted in a water bath and processed into a liquid state. When processed, it remains transparent.

Ice Surfaces 

To create an authentic ice surface, you simply need to pour a certain amount of liquid wax onto a heat resistant surface and allow it to set. Our ice wax is also very suitable as an ice floe! Simply lay the ice on the water.

Ice effects

To simulate icy frost effects, you can pour the desired amount of ice wax over a heat-resistant object and let it harden. Just repeat the process for a thicker wax layer.

Ice wax - Good to know

Post-processing of the product treated with ice-wax is no problem even when hardened. You can easily liquefy and process individual parts with a hot air gun.

... & then?

After use, the ice-wax can be melted down again or simply disposed of. The wax leaves no residue in water or on the ground.

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