Ice gel – unique ice effects, flexible, uncomplicated!

Ice gel - the perfect, deceptively genuine looking ice-illusion

High-quality ice effects fascinate customers

Are you still missing the extraordinary idea for your product presentation? Or a special decoration for your winter decoration in your shop window, at a party or for a photo shooting?
With our ice gel, you can simply ‘disappear’ your objects into an ice block without leaving any traces, or provide a layer of ice, and thus create a "WOW" effect and encourage the viewer to question their eyes.

Ice gel – unique ice effects, flexible, uncomplicated!

The ice gel is made of soft, transparent wax with a very low melting point and can therefore be processed quickly and easily. This way, the degree of liquefaction can be determined very well and can be perfectly adapted for the intended use. It can thus be easily poured into the desired mould and encased, like an ice block. The desired objects can be coated with a thick layer of ice. The solidified surface can be easily worked upon with a heat gun so that openings or incisions can be closed. This artificial ice allows you to give free reign to your creativity and thus create an unusual winter decoration or product presentation!

How to transform your products into an ice block in the shortest possible time:

All you need is our ice gel made of soft wax, a knife, a pot for a water bath and a heat gun and the object you want to set in ice.

Item in ice block:

  • Cut a piece of ice gel to the desired size with a knife
  • Cut a slit into the ice gel on the top so that you can insert your desired object into the ice block
  • Place the object in the ice block
  • Place a piece of ice gel in a saucepan and make it liquid in a water bath
  • As soon as the ice gel is liquid, pour it into the slit on the top so that it is sealed
  • Then use the heat gun all over the entire ice block, especially the opening slit, so that the ice gel is heated slightly, the slit can close and the look can change
  • After cooling, the ice gel hardens again, but never harder than its initial state!

Ice layer:

  • Put the desired amount of ice gel into a pot
  • Let the ice gel liquefy in the water bath
  • Once the desired liquid level has been reached, you can pour the ice gel onto the desired area or object
  • Once cooled it will harden but it will never get harder than its initial state!


  • Heat the ice gel exclusively in a water bath
  • Depending on the surface, the ice gel can leave an oily residue
  • The ice gel has a melting temperature of 87 - 97 ° C

Set anything in ice using our ice gel product

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