Ice furniture from Decorative Ice

Exclusive ice design from acrylic fake ice

Are you still in search of an absolute eye-catcher? If so, our handmade acrylic artificial ice furniture is exactly right for you! Its exclusive ice design and blue lighting create a very special atmosphere, which can be altered by changing the room’s ambient lighting.

An absolute eye-catcher with a distinctive ice look, and so simple!

You can give your imagination free reign in designing your ice furniture! From our “crooked” ice walls, ice pillars, ice tables, ice seating cubes to our ice bars or stools, they are all very simple and easy to assemble and dismantle. They can also be used in any location; for fairs, entryways, bars, event locations or outdoors - one thing is guaranteed, however, artificial ice furniture is an eye-catcher!

Here’s how the ice furniture works smoothly - assembly

Ice walls/ ice pillars/ small ice tables from artificial ice

You will need our ice cubes (23 x 23 x 23 cm) and/or rectangular ice blocks (23 x 23 x 46 cm), the adhesive tape TESA 4124 for greater stability, Ice Bricks, according to what you wish to build (for curved walls) and connecting rings.

  • Stand the stones and blocks in a row and or stack them
  • Straight walls and small tables can be stabilised using the TESA tape
  • For a crooked ice wall and ice pillar, curved and straght ice blocks can be put together with the help of connecting rings providing the necessary stability

Illuminating the straight ice wall and ice pillar of artificial ice

For this you will also need one of our aluminium dibond lighting troughs and a socket providing normal electricity. 

  • The ice cube and or ice blocks are placed in the trough and stacked
  • Insert the plug and there you have an illuminated ice wall or ice pillar

Ice bar of artificial ice

You will need our ice modules, according to the length of the bar, one (120cm bar length) or two (200cm bar length), a countertop for the respective bar length and a socket with normal electricity

  • Place the module or modules where you wish the bar to be
  • place the countertop ontop of the module/modules
  • insert the plug
  • The bar will now be illuminated by a blue neon tube, which is under the countertop.

Seating from artificial ice

You will need our ice stool with chrome framework and an 80cm diameter and or our 40 x 40 x 40cm ice seat.

Ice lounge

You can now create this to your individual taste with the assembled ice elements.

Here’s how the ice furniture works smoothly - assembly

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