Frost and Hoar Frost – the Perfect visual Portrayal of Cold

Frost Effects – bitter cold visualised with decorative snow

Feel the cold simply by looking? Frost and hoar frost give a cold feeling on sight. Who doesn’t know the freezing feeling when one looks out the window on an autumn morning and sees the first glittering hoar frost? Our decorative snow products make it easy to create this frost and hoar frost effect deceptively easily - the perfect complement to your winter decoration.  

Harbingers of winter: Frost and hoar frost - glittering beauty, clear air and bitter cold

When frost and hoar frost enchant nature and, like a winter sugar-icing, cover everything with a soft shine, winter and the first snow are not far behind. The harbingers of snow can be portrayed playfully easily with our decorative snow and frost powder, on all surfaces. So you can create the perfect optical illusion!

How to create deceptively realistic frost and hoar frost effects

All you need is our “Glitter Snow“, made of very fine polystyrol and/or “Movie Snow HSX“ from pure cellulose, a spray bottle of water and a fine household sieve.

  • Moisten the desired surface or object with a light water mist
  • put the decorative snow (“Movie Snow“ or “Glitter Snow“) into the sieve
  • with the help of the sieve, powder the surface or object with decorative snow.
  • You can also combine different types of snow, first sprinkle “Movie Snow“ and then “Glitter Snow“.
  • The “frost“ can be removed simply with water afterwards and disposed of as residual waste

Do you wish to decorate a space with handprints or “inscribe” it?


  • Moisten your hands lightly
  • press them to the already frosted area
  • and there you have your handprint


  • Moisten the tip of your finger
  • use your finger to write on the already frosted surface
  • and there you have your inscribed surface

Alternatively, the frost effect can be achieved with our Frost Powder, made from extremely fine paper dust

How to create deceptively realistic frost and hoar frost effects

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