Artificial Snowballs – snowballs from decorative snow

Deceptively Realistic Decorative Snowballs for your Winter Decoration

There’s no such thing as “impossible“, with our artificial snow products! Why not make an impression with a leisurely snowball fight in the spring, summer or autumn? Our decorative snow makes it possible!

Snowball fight with artificial snow - without freezing

Take advantage of artificial snow and enjoy a snowball fight without freezing or having to wait for real snow. An enormous pleasure for young and old alike! It’s not for nothing that there has been a snowball fight world championship for a few years now!

The easy way to make snowballs with decorative snow

You only need our “Movie Snow HSX“, a fine-flaked paper snow made of pure cellulose and tapwater.

  • mix a handful of “Movie Snow HSX“ with a litre of tapwater
  • form artificial snowballs with your hand - it’s easy
  • press out any excess water
  • let the snowball fight begin!

150g “Movie Snow HSX“ makes around 6 snowballs of 6cm in diameter

The easy way to make snowballs with decorative snow

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